The scope of science sometimes extends far beyond the knowledge of the average peon. Whacky equations and unknown chemical combinations prove tricky to digest for guys like you and I.
It’s a collection of the author’s webcomics where he gives “serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions” — questions like ‘what if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time?’ or ‘what if you made a machine gun jetpack?’
In the garage is a beast. She’s about 228 inches long. My goodness do I love her. I like trucks, big old trucks. Fantasizing about big trucks right now. Trucksssssssss. Love em.
Matching tan cargo pants and button-up shirt,  I try to channel the intelligence and insight  Of my two idols, Steve Irwin and Bear Grylls  As my grandpa’s 2005 Chevrolet Astro van,