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It’s arguable if it’s healthy or not. For some, watching these movies can be a curative experience, whether it leaves the rest of us beguiled or not. My anxiety is relieved by some of the most deranged horror movies most people I know wouldn’t watch, so I get the mechanism. And hey, I love these movies and books and comics and shows, too. At the same time, I recognize how this overexposure to apocalyptic content feeds into an already oversized sense of planetary existentialism.
It’s a collection of the author’s webcomics where he gives “serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions” — questions like ‘what if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time?’ or ‘what if you made a machine gun jetpack?’
My grandpa was an asshole. Ask anybody who knew him. He was quick to anger, found any reason to take someone to court, and was wildly inappropriate—making me believe that my middle name was ‘retard’ for the first ten years of my life and that ‘greaseball’ was a term of endearment for Italians.