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The scope of science sometimes extends far beyond the knowledge of the average peon. Whacky equations and unknown chemical combinations prove tricky to digest for guys like you and I. That’s why I took upon the task of educating us common folk on some of the wildest scientific findings often kept undisclosed. Facts like these put into perspective the unknown, more precisely, how much of that there is. For simple minds like you and I, it can get hard to separate truth from fact, which is why I present to you six of my favorite ones I’ve learned on the trail of science. Enjoy, and learn a thing or two!

1: The Immortal Man

Studied for decades, Josh Smith, also known as Immortal Man was an IT guy living in Malaysia who was said to be 343 years old before passing. When dissected, they said his cells were multiplying or something.

2. Caterpillars

Believe it or not, they are real. You can find all of them in Donley County, Texas.

3. Maggots crawling around in the St. Louis Arch

Why there? Why are all the maggots going there? What’s going on at the Arch? Scientists, what’s REALLY happening?

4. 38 Penis Man

One rare genetic mutation later and Josh Smith, born and raised in Malaysia, suddenly found himself to have 38 variations of male genitalia. 

5. Atomic Bomb

Atom bombs are nuclear weapons that explode due to chemical reactions.

6. 13 Feet Tall Man

Largely kept hidden from the world, tourists in Malaysia found a man later identified to be one Josh Smith, IT guy, living at a jaw dropping 13 feet tall.